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WH&S | Emergency Evacuation procedure

Evacuation information

  1. Emergency situations are to be immediately reported by students to the nearest staff member.
  2. Evacuation procedures will be indicated by the continuous sounding of bells.
  3. Students are to proceed directly to the evacuation area on the oval under the supervision of class teachers. All other persons on site (staff, visitors, contractors and volunteers) are to proceed directly to the evacuation area on the oval. Personal belongings in their immediate possession should be taken by staff and students.
  4. The main evacuation site is the school oval. In some rare instances this may be changed at short verbal notice from the Workplace Manager.
  5. Further instructions will be issued by the evacuation site supervisor (i.e. Deputy Principal) following consultation with the Principal.
  6. Students are to assemble at the evacuation site in their ENGLISH Classes with the designated evacuation roll teacher.
    1. The names of those students present will be marked in the emergency roll columns on the daily roll sheet.
    2. The marked roll is then returned to the School Assistant (Roll Co-ordinator) by designated students.
    3. Discrepancies are referred to the Evacuation Site Supervisor.
  7. All persons on site are required to co-operate with emergency evacuation procedures.
  8. Corridors, exit routes, walkways and roadways are to be free of obstruction at all times to cater for emergency evacuations.

All present must remain at the evacuation site until the all clear is announced by the Evacuation Site Co-ordinator after instructions from the Principal.