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Illness at school

My child has messaged me that they are sick. What do I do?

It is crucial at all times but especially now during the COVID19 pandemic that students who are feeling unwell advise their teacher and go immediately to sick bay.

Our first aid officer will phone or text Parents/Carers if it is necessary for their sick child to be collected. In this case a Parent or Carer will need to come to the front office to collect their child in person.

Students messaging their parents directly is not our procedure and endangers the health of others.

Please discourage your child from contacting you via text message regarding illness. It is vital that the correct procedure is followed enabling our first aid officer to monitor your child and prevent infection of other children.

If you arrive to collect your child unannounced, it is not always possible to get them from their classroom promptly and without disruption to their teacher and classmates.

Thank you for your assistance and for working together with us to keep our community safe.