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Early leave

Requests for early departure

What do I do if my child needs to leave school early?

** Early Leave requests via phone calls and emails are not accepted - if you have not sent in a handwritten note with your child you will need to come into the school Office **

  • All prearranged appointments require the student to bring in a handwritten note signed by a parent/carer and presented to the school Office before 9 am.
  • Students leaving early without a note must be collected by a Parent/Carer in person at the front office. 


Option 1 - our preferred process

If you know your child has to leave school early for any legitimate reason please follow the process below:

  • Parents need to send in a handwritten and signed note with the student to be authorised by a Deputy Principal before 9am.
  • Students then present their signed note to the Front Office to receive their Leave Pass.
  • During class, at the designated time, students show their Leave Pass to their teacher and are able to leave the classroom and meet their parent at the car. (Without a Leave Pass they will be questioned by teachers on gate supervision).
  • Students who subsequently return to class after an appointment must swipe back in at the Front Office before returning to class.
  • Parents are reminded that this facility should be used only for medical or dental appointments that cannot be made after school or for other matters of an urgent nature.

** It is extremely important to follow this process as it is not always possible to get your child from class if you arrive unannounced. Having a pre-organised Leave Pass allows students to leave class at the time required without disruption to the learning of the other class members


Option 2 - For urgent and last minute leave requests only

If you need to collect your student for an URGENT unforeseen event and have not been able to send them to school with a note, you are required to come to the school Office to sign your student out.

This process takes longer so PLEASE ALLOW 15 minutes for your child to be sent for.

No student should leave the school grounds without permission.


Students being collected by someone other than their parent/carer or emergency contact

During school hours students are only allowed to leave with their own parent/carer or a person listed as an “Emergency Contact” as per their enrolment application

If you require another person to pick up your child for any reason you will need to write a note for your child. This note will need to be signed and approved by the Deputy Principal before 9 am and a Leave Pass issued by the office. 

The person named on the note will be required to come to the office with identification when collecting the student.