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“The Department of Education and Communities supports the wearing of school uniforms by students and the upholding of high standards of dress by students and staff.”

Bay High School is a uniform high school in line with the NSW Department of Education Uniform Policy and as endorsed by the School’s Parents and Citizens (P&C) Association, SRC and staff. At Byron Bay High School we aim to educate the whole child, not just academically but in the values of integrity, excellence, democracy, respect, responsibility, participation, care and fairness.

It is with these goals in mind that our uniform policy has been developed. The Uniform Policy of the School has been discussed and approved by the teaching staff and the P&C. There are four key reasons why the School community decided there would be firm rules in relation to the wearing of uniform at our School. They are:


Our uniform is distinctive and allows our staff to immediately recognise any intruders or potential dangers at school or on excursion. There are also mandatory safety requirements regarding clothing and footwear for a number of key learning areas at school. These are incorporated in our uniform to ensure all students can participate in a safe manner.


The School Uniform provides an even playing field for all our students regardless of their socioeconomic background. Allowing variations to the uniform provides students with an opportunity, intended or otherwise, to create divisions within our school. The price of our uniform allows parents to avoid the pressure of buying brand name clothes.


Our school community wants to see students who are proud to be part of this great school. Presentation in uniform creates a positive tone in our school and reinforces that we are here as one respectful, committed group with a common sense of purpose.


Our School community wants our school to be seen as well organised, well presented, positive and cohesive. Such impressions influence the public perception of our school and affect potential enrolments and therefore the curriculum opportunities that are made available to our students.

Families experiencing genuine financial hardship may apply for student assistance funding to assist with school uniform costs. These applications are completely confidential.

It is expected that all students present at school in full school uniform every day.  (see below)

If you need assistance please contact the school on 6685 8188.

Byron Bay High School Uniform

Available at School Locker Ballina Superstore, 26 Boeing Ave Ballina. Click here for opening hours. 


School dress, school tartan skirt or plain navy blue shorts or skorts with a collared plain white polo or collared plain white blouse - preferably with school logo.

Winter: Flesh or black stockings may be worn under a school uniform dress, skirt, shorts or navy pants. School jumpers must be navy blue and without a logo larger than a credit card. Plain navy, black or white undershirts may also be worn.


Collared plain white polo or collared plain white button up shirt with plain navy blue shorts - preferably with school logo.

Winter: School jumpers must be navy blue and without a logo larger than a credit card. Plain navy, black or white undershirts may also be worn.


School navy jumper or plain navy blue jumper, plain navy blue track pants - preferably with school logo and plain navy blue chinos.


For safety reasons, all students are required to wear fully enclosed shoes and for practical classes in Science, Agriculture and Technology, shoes must have impermeable uppers. Students are not permitted to wear thongs or sandals.


Strongly recommended for sun-safety in the playground and for outside lessons including sport.


All students are required to wear the teal polo shirt for PDHPE and Sport lessons. They can wear the teal shirt to school and change into their white polo after their PDHPE lesson. Shorts are to be navy blue or black sports shorts. Students must wear lace-up joggers/sports shoes.


All students are required to wear teal polo shirt and navy blue or black shorts or navy blue skort. 

*Regional or state representative jumpers may be worn as school uniform.

See images of the Byron Bay High School uniform at the bottom of this page

Uniforms are available for purchase at The School Locker - Ballina

Online ordering is available at the following link The School Locker 

When students wear a school uniform, they feel included in our school community.

Students, teachers, parents and carers, as well as members of our local community helped develop our school uniform to make sure it:

  • meets the requirements of occupational health and safety, anti-discrimination and equal opportunity legislation

  • includes items that are affordable, comfortable and made from easy-care and easy-wear fabrics

  • is appropriate for the full range of school activities

  • is suitable for all body shapes.

Learn more about the NSW Department of Education’s School Uniform Policy.

I would like to remind all parents that anyone experiencing financial difficulty in upgrading to the new uniform should contact the school. These enquiries are completely confidential. Student Assistance Form