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What we offer

Each school in NSW offers something slightly different depending on the community. Here's what we offer for you.


All canteens in NSW public schools must meet certain requirements. These include providing more healthy food and drink options – to make the healthy choice an easy choice for students. Visit Healthy school canteens to learn more.

Our Byron Bay High School canteen prides itself as a healthy school canteen providing its students, teachers and school employees with a wide range of healthy food choices for breakfast, lunch and recess.

View our current Canteen here:  Canteen Menu

The School Canteen is school operated and employs one canteen supervisor and two assistants. The Canteen operates daily and sells a range of healthy foods at very reasonable prices catering for all food requirements, e.g. Gluten free, vegetarian, etc.

Students can order their lunches before school or buy their lunch during the day. The Canteen is open at 8:40 am and only at Recess and Lunch. The Canteen is out of bounds during and between periods. When queuing to be served, students are:

  • To be polite to the Canteen staff at all times.
  • To line up in an orderly fashion and make their own purchases (no bulk ordering for friends).
  • To move away after being served.

Some of our more popular items include

  • Breakfasts consisting of yoghurt, fresh fruits, freshly baked scrolls, muffins and egg and bacon pies.
  • Salads - greek salad, caesar salad, tuna salad and rice salad.
  • Wholemeal rolls - ham salad, chicken salad and avocado salad
  • Wraps - chicken, falafel and haloumi salad wraps
  • Burgers - chicken, beef, veggie or fish
  • Daily specials including sushi, nachos, pizza, fried rice, salads, and curries.

Canteen Volunteers

The School canteen operates every day and provides healthy, nutritious food for all of our students. We would love to see parents getting involved with our school community. If you can spare a couple of hours in a month then please join us in the canteen this is a great way to get to know the staff and your children's friends.

Volunteers play an important role in the successful running of our Canteen. Volunteering in the canteen is a direct and easy way of helping make a significant contribution to the school. If you would like to register your name as a Canteen volunteer, please phone our Canteen on 6685 5381 or the school on 6685 8188. No experience in the canteen is required.

Regular times required are:

  • Monday, Thursday and Friday | 9:30 am to 2:30 pm 
  • Tuesday | 9:30 am to 2:00 pm

However, any time you have to spare will be greatly appreciated.

Please contact the school on on 6685 8188 if you would like to volunteer.

Distance Education

Byron Bay High School may have a student who is unable to study their desired subjects. If the subject is not offered at their school, the student is eligible for Single Subject enrolment (conditions apply). These students complete Distance Education study in the library at school during allocated periods.

Co-ordination of Distance Education applications is through the Deputy Principal. Course materials, including text books, need to be purchased at the cost of the student.  Byron Bay High School has a set quota of six new enrolments in Distance Education per year.