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First aid and sick students

First aid and sick students

It is important that students are not sent to school when sick. It is school policy to contact parents to advise them if a student is sick so that they can be collected and taken home.

Please discourage your child from contacting you via text message regarding illness. It is vital that our first aid officer is able to monitor your child and prevent infection of other children.

Students attend sickbay

Students who are sick at school or who have minor cuts/abrasions should ask their Teacher to go to the Office and they will be attended to by the First Aid Officer.

If it is during recess or lunch, students need to go to the front office to register into sick bay.

Our first aid officer will notify a parent/carer if it is necessary for your child to go home. 

The ambulance will be called for emergencies.

Please discourage your child from contacting you via text message regarding illness and then remaining in class to prevent sick students being contagious to other children.

Prescribed medications administration policy

Byron Bay High School has a policy regarding the administration of prescribed medications. Our commitment to student welfare and support of students includes positive consideration and implementation of medication policy. A summary of the main guidelines is listed below:

The Principal should be informed in all cases of students bringing necessary medicines to school. Parental consent for medication must be given. Parents must consult the school regarding medication when the student is on an excursion or at sport.

Parents are required to execute an indemnity if regular medication is required or if intermittent or emergency medication may be needed. Indemnity forms are available for this purpose from the school.

The designated staff members who administer medication and first aid are currently the front office staff who are located in the main office. When the designated staff member administers prescribed medicines another adult must verify the identity of the student and the nature of the dosage of medication.

Medication must be clearly identified by the label. Parents are required to discuss with the designated staff to explain preparation, application, dosage and situations pertinent to the administration of prescribed medicines.

If your child has a physical or mental health diagnosis it is important that the school receive paperwork detailing any information that might assist us in caring for your child. 

In relation to the use of analgesic substances in schools, policy stipulates that aspirin can only be administered with written authorisation when it has been prescribed for a specific condition. Paracetamol should be issued to a student only by a staff member designated with that responsibility. The school does not have a supply of analgesics.

Students suffering from asthma are allowed to have their medication on their person.

Specific policies relate to diabeties, epilepsy and other health conditions in schools therefore it is essential that the school be informed of students with this condition.