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Road safety

Bicycle | skateboard | scooter safety

All bicycles/skateboards should be in good mechanical condition and properly equipped. Students riding to and from school must obey all legal requirements for road safety, as required by the NSW Road Traffic Authority, including the wearing of helmets. Scooters and skateboards are not allowed on roads, or in the school.

Skateboards and scooters can be left at the Administration Office skate rack during the day. All bicycles are to be placed in the designated bike racks. Riding of bicycles/skateboards and scooters within the grounds of the school is not permitted. 

Please ensure you have a working lock for your bicycle. Please take care when leaving school, as a large number of students, cars and buses are moving around.

Byron Bay High School encourages responsible attitudes and behaviours of all student drivers and riders. Drivers should obey all Byron Bay High School safety signs erected in driveways and be aware of pedestrian safety in the vicinity of the school.

Know the rules

Bicycle riders, just as other road users, must comply with all applicable NSW road rules. For more information visit:

Transport for NSW | rules for bikes, e-bikes and e-scooters


Pedestrian safety

Students should not walk through car parks. Where no paved footpaths are available, students should walk on the grassed verge and not on the road, have a clear view of any oncoming traffic and be clearly visible. It is recommended that students walk facing oncoming traffic. Students should cross in a safe and responsible manner using the correct procedures. Hitch hiking is not an acceptable means of transport to and from school.

Passenger safety

The school encourages the use of school buses. Student vehicles may be parked in the student car park at own risk as a privilege.           

The designated bus zone and no stopping zone should not be used for setting down and picking up students. Parents are discouraged from double parking when setting down or picking up students, nor should they be called across roads to waiting vehicles.

Students are encouraged at all times to wear proper occupant restraints. Students, before becoming a passenger in a car, should think about safety, consider the driver’s experience and other circumstances. 

Buses and bus safety

Bus travellers must follow the Department of Transport “Code of Conduct” for Bus Travellers”. 

Students are picked up and set down each day in the designated bus zone. Students are supervised onto buses by staff. Executive staff voluntarily provide playground supervision after school until the last bus leaves. Students at school wait for buses in an orderly manner.

Buses will be requested to drop students at all venues so that the crossing of roads can be avoided. Students when they get off buses, should always wait until the bus has gone before crossing the road. Students should not behave in a way that distracts the driver.

Students who live beyond a 2km radius from the school can apply for a bus pass online following link:

You only need to apply once in high school unless you change your address.

If your behaviour on the bus is inappropriate, your bus pass may be withdrawn by the bus proprietor. Complaints about the behaviour of individuals on the buses should be directed to the bus company.