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Sporting Excellence Program

Gifted and Talented Sporting Students | Sporting Excellence

Designed to provide students who excel in particular sports with knowledge, advice and opportunities to perform better and reach their potential. It will also provide support for their academic framework that enables them to reach both their academic and sporting goals.

The program ensures talented young sportsmen and women from Byron Bay High School are provided with:

  • General elite coaching advice from experienced coaches and access to modern sports medicine
  • Sport nutrition advice
  • Sports psychology and motivational techniques
  • General training sessions from elite athletes
  • Teaching staff sympathetic to the unique problems of the sporting champion
  • Support in assisting them in coping with absences in their endeavor to follow their sporting career
  • A network of coaching and facilities from the local area
  • The opportunity to complete their secondary education in the company of peers with similar aspirations, lifestyle and interests

The Talented Sports Program provides students with an opportunity to attain their optimum potential in their chosen sport. It enables them to hone their special talent with access to professionals from the local area that can offer advice and support. This program will support them in their quest to achieve their best results and compete at top level sport .

The course will require students to attend 8 emersion days across the year, two per term. 

This time will be used for, but not restricted to training, seminars, goal setting, nutrition, sports psychology, dealing with injury and more. Academic work that is missed during this time will need to be caught up by the student. 

Students participating in the GATS Sporting Excellence program are contracted to maintain satisfactory progress in their academic achievement. A student found to be unsatisfactory in academic reviews will be withdrawn from the GATS program until such time as they have restored satisfactory results. Students can reapply for entry to the GATS program the following term after academic results are satisfactory and at the Principals discretion.  

Students applying for a GATS- Sporting Excellence placement must demonstrate elite ability in a particular sport and must satisfy high standards in attitude, work habits and academic achievement.

All students seeking placement in the GATS – Sporting Excellence program are required to submit an Application Form. The selection process will include physical and skills testing in their nominated sports in addition to an examination of their Student Wellbeing record.

To qualify for the GATS – Sporting Excellence program at Byron Bay High a student must have

• an outstanding sporting record or potential

• a strong academic record

• an excellent attitude towards school

• an excellent student welfare record.

All students seeking placement in the GATS – Sporting Excellence program are required to obtain an application package directly from the school. A completed application form must be returned NO LATER THAN FRIDAY WEEK 2 TERM 2.

The acceptance of a student into the GATS | Sporting Excellence program is dependent upon satisfying both schooling and sporting criteria.

Please download the application form and return to the front office at school.

Sporting Excellence Program (pdf 133 KB)

Sporting Excellence Application

Mrs Kelley Caoyonan - Sports Coordinator