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HSC Science Subjects

At Byron Bay High School we understand the importance of selecting the most suitable senior subjects as students begin their journey into year 11 and year 12.

This can be a difficult decision to make and the subject selections made during year 10 have the ability to shape the patterns of study in year 11, year 12 and even tertiary education.  

Most qualifications at University level have minimum ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admissions Ranking) requirements in order to be eligible to gain entry. This information is dependent on how demanding and popular a qualification is and is released annually in an ATAR Guide.  Some of the more comprehensive degrees will have recommended patterns of study in addition to a minimum ATAR score for applications to be successful.

Degrees in the fields of Engineering, Science and Medicine are some typical examples of courses which advise students to study specific subjects in year 11 and year 12 in order to make them more successful in their respective fields.

For example;

If a student was planning on becoming a Civil Engineer most Universities would recommend that students include a minimum of Advanced 2 Unit Mathematics and any 4 Units of Science (preferably Physics and/or Chemistry)

Are you an Engineer?

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For this reason it is important that students consult with their teachers and arrange to discuss their aspirations with the School Careers Advisor  so that all the necessary discussions are had and the appropriate guidance is given. This gives the students of Byron Bay HS the best opportunities to achieve their goals.


Year 10 students are encouraged to think seriously about all subjects offered in Science as they are often required for successful entry into universities. In addition, an excellent result in a Science subject will result in a strong ATAR score as the most academic students in the state will be studying these subjects. They are practical and give students transferable skills to succeed in the future.

The subjects offered are listed below and all subjects are Board Developed Courses (BDC) and count 2 Units towards an ATAR score at the completion of study.

Senior Science subjects offered at Byron Bay HS

Please click on any of the above subjects to find out more about what it means to study these subjects.