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Science and Agriculture1

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The Science and Agriculture faculty at Byron Bay High School is a committed group of professionals with enthusiasm and a passion for the Sciences.

Staff in the Science and Agriculture Faculty include:

Mr Stephen Hawkins - Head Teacher Science and Agriculture

Mr Kai Connell - Teacher

Mr Nathan Hartley - Teacher

Ms Lauren Hinchcliff - Teacher

Ms Alison Hounslow - Teacher

Mrs Sarah King - Teacher

Mr Christopher Parkes - Teacher

Ms Kelly Todoroska - Teacher

Mrs Jennifer Woodward - Agriculture Teacher

Mr G Woodward - Agriculture Assistance

Mrs Ebony Yeadon - Teacher

Mrs Vicki Bordin - Science Laboratory Manager


In 2014, there was an new curriculum implemented for Year 7 & Year 9 in Science. This new Science curriculum is mandated by the Australian Curriculum Assessment & Reporting Authority (ACARA). The implementation of this new curriculum continued in 2015 when Year 8 and Year 10 transition into this system meaning that all year levels have been learning the national curriculum from 2015 onwards.

All Science and Agriculture Teachers are using the 5E's model for Quality Teaching and Learning at Byron Bay HS. The 5E's model is internationally recognised as "best practice" in Science Education and in brief, requires that teachers plan learning experiences that ENGAGE students, allow them to EXPLORE Science using investigations, then give students the chance to EXPLAIN their understandings followed by ELABORATION and EVALUATION of these concepts. This ensures all students receive the best possible educational gains and enjoy Science for the practical, exciting and inquisitive subject it is.

The Science and Agriculture faculty is a very busy place and staff work hard to achieve outcomes across all fields of Science. The fields offered for students to study include:

Junior Science Year 7-10          

  • Science                   in 2014 and onwards              [STAGE 4 (Year 7 - 8) ACARA ]  and
  • Science                   in 2015 and onwards              [STAGE 5 (Year 9 - 10) ACARA ]
  • Agriculture               continuing                               STAGE 4 (Year 7 Tech. Mandatory)
  • Agriculture               continuing                               STAGE 5 (Year 9 - 10)